Your virtual business card

2009 April 7
by Steven R Jones

Ever find yourself without your business cards?

Here’s a simple but effective idea to help you while networking: the virtual business card.  I got this from my good friend Griffin Caprio who frequently turns me on to smart things. There is really no detailed description required for a site like this. Go grab a good URL for yourself and set up a simple web page like this: screenshot

Then, even when you don’t have business cards handy, you can give your new contact a simple URL that helps them find you later. My own virtual busines card is and contains most of the same information you would find on my paper business card – of course the links are live so it makes it even easier to direct people to my other online profiles at LinkedIn and Facebook, for example (see previous post).

Special thanks to J. Matthew Buchanan at The BIPO Blog for sharing this through a Creative Commons license.

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