How I found my next job

2009 April 9
by Steven R Jones


That is a presumptuous title for this post perhaps since I haven’t yet.  Still, I have been making solid strides in the right direction and I want to share my experiences with others who may be contemplating or are actively in a similar transition point in their careers.

I’m a very big believer that the best opportunities come to you through people that know you, that can vouch for your credibility, and are willing to introduce you to new business ventures. It is no great secret that this is accomplished through active networking – initiated by you. I have nothing against the professional recruiting industry but if you are not taking control over the direction of your career, you are going to be unhappy with the results*.

This is a timely exercise for me personally and I suspect for many more who are making recession-related job decisions. I moved to North Carolina in the fall of 2008 and left behind a strong professional network in Chicago that I had been cultivating for over 15 years. Starting over has been both daunting and a great experiment. But what better way to validate my faith in the power of networking than to literally start over and find a job in my new home state?

Well, I can confidently say that it has been working very well.  My new network has grown significantly over the past few months and I now find myself ideally situated for “landing the next gig”. In a series of posts here, I will outline my own strategy for building a professional network (mostly from scratch) and how I leveraged it to create my next great opportunity. I hope you will join in with comments and your own observations.

Part 1 – Getting plugged into the local tech scene

*In full disclosure, I have a recruiter friend in Chicago who wore me down over many years and who ultimately placed me at a great gig within days of me caving into him. Thanks Ryan!

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