A New Year and the start of the next chapter

2010 December 29
by Steven R Jones
Jones gets a new job!

Jones gets a new job!

In 2011, I will start a new job working for a prominent email marketing company based here in RTP. The timing of this is ideal for me and after more than six years of plugging away at my second startup, I’m ready to make this change.

Each of us has his own reasons for the decisions we make and I won’t presume anyone is all that interested in my own thought processes. But you can rest assured that this is a good opportunity for me to continue to grow both professionally and personally. I want to thank my colleagues and friends who have all been supportive and helpful. I’m eager to continue sharing our ongoing experiences, especially with those of you who are contemplating your own similar opportunities!

A note about finding my next job

Many months ago, after moving from Chicago to North Carolina, I started this blog with ambitious intentions. One of my primary threads here was supposed to be an attempt to document my efforts related to finding my next job. Well, the blogging part trailed off pretty quickly but its hard to argue that the job search wasn’t successful. In fact, I’m pleased to report that it was precisely all that active networking that led to this new opportunity. My old college roommate connected me with a friend of his who was working in the local tech startup scene. He and I met once over (good) beers but, otherwise, not much different from any of the dozens of other introductions I was making. Then, months later, truly out of the blue, he recommended me for this role at my new company (thanks again Shane and Mike).

I will likely retroactively fill in the missing details here to finish that initial thread but the lesson is a good one and should reinforce what many people probably already know or at least have heard repeatedly in their own job searches. You need to meet new people. You have to think about marketing yourself as you network. You should always try to make a unique and lasting impression. And, throughout all of it, be receptive to new opportunities – you never know what new doors may open down the road.

So here’s to a bright New Year and the opening of new doors.

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